About Harold!

We found Harold whilst we were on our adventures in our campervan travelling around Europe. We remember the day as clear as anything, even now 2 years later... We were in Benalmádena, Spain, going to find the butterfly park “Mariposario de Benalmádena” & Buddhist temple that is there that we had heard about. Climbing up a bit of hill, as the temple was right at the very top, when all of a sudden, a cute fluffy white bunny ran out infront of our van!! We couldn’t believe our eyes! We stopped and miraculously managed to catch him and took him to our van to check him over and of course for some bunny cuddles. We had left our 2 bunnies at home in the U.K, in care of relatives when heading on our travels, so to hold a bunny again after 6 months was so fulfilling. We had a think on what to do, looked about to see if anyone was missing a bunny, no one around...so didn’t take much persuading to come to the decision to keep him. 😀 We think to this day what were the chances of being in that exact time and place that our paths should cross with a beautiful white bunny?! Where did he come from? Did escape from a horrible life? What is his story? Maybe he was sent to us? One thing is for sure he certainly is very special and our lives have been blessed since the day we found him.

Next, we took Harold to a vet to be checked over and they said that he was a young rabbit and in good health and we were very happy to hear this. We would have liked to get his myxomatosis injection done there and then but for some reason pet rabbits are not so common in Spain and so we were unable to get his injection done until we actually got back to the UK. At the vets is where we decided on Harolds name. Obviously, the vets needed a name for their records. We pondered a little bit on a name that suited him and went with Harold. In remembrance of an elderly gentleman that had recently passed away where my partner works in a care home.

Harold ended up travelling 5 different countries with us, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland & then home to the U.K. Harold loved travelling in the van with us from what it seemed. He was very happy to chill on the front seat with us when we were driving and when we were parked up somewhere, we could leave the sliding door open and we could trust him not to jump out. It was a great experience travelling with a bun! A lot easier than people make it out to be. To give Harold enough exercise we got him a harness and lead, (Pictured below) which he didn’t mind. We were using a strap and clip harness at the time but we recommend the waist coat, velcro and clip harness as sold on this link: https://shopbunnies.com/collections/for-rabbits/products/rabbit-leash-harness which we have in stock now.

Harold now lives as a house rabbit back at our home in the U.K. 24/7 free roam. After living in the van with us, he must think he now lives in a mansion with all the free space to run around!

We do not know the exact breed of Harold but through some research we have established that he is a cross between a Hotot and a English spot (strange, considering we found him in Spain ay?!) what we call a Hotot Spot. We guess his approximate age is just over 2 years now. He is a very happy bunny in general. Likes to interact with us. Will happily follow us around the house, running loops around our feet. he knows the noise of the fridge and will be waiting, so you better be ready with some nice greens for him 😛

In the day time you will find Harold in the “meat loaf” position in his favourite spot underneath the dining room table. Of an evening Harold is full of beans for most of the night (Quite literally) and will be binkying and doing really fast loops through the hallway and into the lounge! then will finally settle and likes to lie on the bed with us. (Pictured below).



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