Are rabbits easy to look after?

Are rabbits easy to look after?

People ask this question all the time, does my rabbit need to be walked and maintained the same as a family dog? Do you need to change a litter box like you would for a pet cat?


The answer is yes, certainly rabbits do take an extreme amount of care, time and commitment to look after them sufficiently. Owners typically buy a pet rabbit for their children without considering these factors.


It takes a lot of consideration to look after a pet rabbit and most people do not realise it is a fair amount of work and dedication! Rabbits are not your average low maintenance pet!


They require good veterinary care, they should have an annual or twice yearly check up with your vet. You should always get professional advice if you notice any change in your rabbits behaviour. Especially if this change in behaviour is associated with not eating, drinking or pooping!


Daily exercise and stimulation is important! You should provide the proper environment for your rabbit where they are happy and fulfilled!  You can put this into practice by constantly changing the objects and furniture of their cage/hutch or enclosure!


You should be aware of your rabbits behaviour, watch them as they play and explore to ensure they behave in a safe way! You should take extreme care of rabbits who bite furniture, wires and other household items! One bite on an electrical wire and your rabbit could have a nasty shock!


Consider adopting a rabbit!

We all love to see new born baby rabbits, they are almost too cute and adorable... However if we all bought new rabbits, how would we find homes for the 1000's of rabbits in need of one today?

Unfortunately we have an issue where rabbits are not seen as important or rewarding pets. This leads to people buying rabbits from pet shops, not planning your rabbits care correctly, and sadly many of these rabbits are mistreated, given up for adoption or even euthanised. All they need is a loving and caring home, which can easily be provided with a little time and understanding!


If you are thinking about bringing home a new addition to your family, remember the rabbit lovers motto...

Adopt don't shop!  


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