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Having trouble training your house rabbit? Does your bunny seem to only listen when food is on the table? Perhaps they can't refrain themselves from doing their business in all the wrong spots? Read our quick guide on house rabbit training.


We have been getting a lot of questions asking us, how do you litter train your house rabbit?


Litter training should be done as soon as you get your rabbit. This is because the rabbit will find it easier to learn. It is possible to train any rabbit, however rabbits that have been spayed or neutered have a much higher success rate.


Now the first step is to buy a good litter box suitable for rabbits. Usually we recommend buying boxes designed for rabbits but these tend to be too small for rabbits to comfortably use. It should fit into their cage easily, putting the tray or box into the corner of their cage or play area is a smart strategy.


At first it might seem as though your house rabbit training is failing, your bunny has no regard for where they do their business but this will change over time if you follow these simple steps. When your bunny misses the tray or box, you can simply use a paper towel to soak up wee and pick up their poops and place them back into the litter tray. Spray down the place where they went outside of their litter box with a water and vinegar solution. This masks their scent and they should prefer to go to the toilet in their litter box after some time if you are persistent.


This works for most house rabbit litter training, but not in all cases will this method succeed. Usually this is caused by them preferring a different spot. If all else fails you can give in and try moving the box to somewhere they prefer.


Another strategy that works well is to put their hay next to the litter tray so they are accessible to your rabbit. Rabbits have a tendency to enjoy eating while they are on the toilet. Yes really. Try it, it might work for you and your rabbit will kick their naughty habits.


Here is a great hay feeder you can use in combination with the large litter trays.

House rabbit litter trays

This larger house rabbit litter tray allows your rabbit to easily access their restroom. Pair it up with the hay feeder and they should be one happy bunny!


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All these products are specially selected for their suitability with house rabbit training.


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  • Rosemary HI again. Ok so all wires are very dangerous to rabbits. When she is out running around you need to try an cover the wires up, hide them the best you can, even unplug them if possible or try to put her in a different room where there are no wires. I know it is very difficult, the best thing you can do if you can’t unplug them is watch her at all times never leave her unattended, My rabbits I have to unplug the wires or put them in a, different room or if I can’t do that I went out an bought a playpen so you have 2 options with the playpen you can either block were the wires are with the playpen or you can open the playpen up an make a circle/ square area for your rabbit to play in for there safety, they can still enjoy hours of fun running around in the playpen an you can put all there favorite toys an stuff in it with them, or you could if you have the room make a room just for the rabbit. I hope I was able to help you with some ideas, good luck an if you need anything I am always here to help. Take care!!!

    Heather Lyn Glover on

  • To Rosemary, I have to rabbits one is named Jacoby he is a male the other is Shadow she is a girl. I started to use hay in there litter box, you can also use newspaper, I have been using kitty litter the tidey cats blue one, it works wonders, my litter box has a metal tray that goes over the box so the rabbits can sit on top of it an the poop an pee falls to the bottom of the pan. It is not expensive at all an it lasts a long time. You can scoop out the poop an pee with no problems it clumps up the pee an as far as the poop the pooper scooper pick it up easily. I some times add a little bit of hay in it as well because they like to eat while they go to the bathroom lol. I hope this helps. I aslo tried the critter litter but it was $9.00 an change for such a small amount, an it just did not do the job, so I decided to try the tidey cats litter an I can promise you that you will get your money’s worth. Good luck to you of you have any other questions you can also email me at heatherglover@yahoo.com good luck to you and your little Rosemarie!!!!

    Heather Lyn Glover on

  • OK, my rabbit’s name is Cookie and I’ve been told she’s female by several people . . . I don’t believe it because “she” got up on her hind legs and humped my leg during play. Doesn’t seem like a female thing to do! Cookie’s habitat is a 42" cage bottom placed in a 5’ hard plastic kiddie pool with a dog exercise pen in an octagonal shape around it. I put Cookie’s plate and bowl on one end, her empty tissue box full of hay in the middle, and her clean & new oil pan with wood pellets in it on the opposite side. She has a blankie (old towel) in a cardboard box that has a U-shaped door cut out. It’s turned over and used like a hutch. She likes to be in it or on it depending on her mood. When I first got Cookie, she had the run of the house. Not a good idea because she wasn’t toilet trained. So I started her with a tiny area and cleaned up accidents with vinegar and water (threw the poop where I wanted her to go). Then as she became more trained to go in that corner, I put a small-lipped box with the pellets there. When she got good with that, I got a deeper box. Then I got the oil pan. She does like rearranging her habitat, but she leaves the oil pan alone. I clean it by easily picking it up and dumping it into the compost bin. Now, I cordon off the bedroom hallway with a fireplace screen and let her run around for a few hours. Bunnies need quite a bit of exercise. She has been known to mark that area once. Please make sure you do not use fragranced litter or the wrong wood pellets. You don’t want to harm bunny. Cat litter dust is bad for bunny lungs. Also, no bags of food pellets with treats in them. Just the plain food pellets. Treats should be a 1/2" of carrot (or carrot peels), or apple, or banana, or blueberry, or strawberry leaves with as little strawberry on it as possible (I freeze the leaves). Clover, dandelions, celery leaves, parsley, watercress are a few more treats. If you bake cookies for your rabbit DO NOT use honey or alfalfa. Use mashed banana, Timothy Hay dust, some parsley and moosh it all together until it sticks. Bake in 350 degree oven for 1/2 hour and let cool in the oven to harden. Only make them about an inch in diameter and only feed one/day as the treat for the day. Do not give your bunny yogurt or those treats from the store. To bunny proof those cables and electrical wires, get some air tubing and slice it open. Use it to cover the wires. If you don’t give your bunny play time and socialization time, then you might see the backside of a bored bunny that is made at you. Hope this helps some of the questions I read.

    Jill on

  • I had a rabbit that played with toys. He would throw them across the room, chase it down and throw it again. Sometimes he would bring it too me too throw for him, I think he thought he was a dog. He was so cute, his name was Matty! He was a lop eared dwarf rabbit.

    Susan W on

  • I got a bunny called cookie.he is trained in the house and outside. BUT theres 2 problem.He is always nipping you. Its really pain full and once i couldn’t walk after. 2 he is aslways trys to eat the cable to phones and even tvs. What can u do????

    Grace on

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