🐇The Rabbit gift idea guide - How to choose a gift for a bunny lover!

gifts for rabbit lovers

Are you looking for something as an ideal gift for a rabbit lover?

Read our quick guide on how to select the perfect gift, or even use it as a guide to buy something for yourself!

🐇Rabbit art.

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We know you love rabbits, but does your loved one obsess over art?

Art really drives us to think, and when we think, we think of rabbits. If this sounds like the person you are buying for this should help you. We stock only the best rabbit art pieces, they are chosen by us because they represent the beauty of rabbits and that is what we all share here in our community.

We suggest looking at our Rabbit Canvas set, the gorgeous bunny with flowers in her hair could be pride of place in your house for just $19.99.

 We all know that feeling, someone special to you has a birthday coming up, or you would like to give them something special to let them know you care. You start looking around online for the things that they love, but you draw a blank. What do they really like? What would be the ideal gift? Let us help you decide in this concise rabbit gift guide...



🐇Does the person in mind spend a lot of time on their phone?

We all love our phones in today's age, so why not have yours represent your loves and passions. That’s why we stock these two excellent bunny phone cases. Our first choice is the “We are family” phone case. This case features a cute white bunny on a blue background, as a rabbit lover we love this design. Its unique and clean looking, the perfect rabbit gift for you. If this flexible and practical clean looking case isn't for you. How about a super-extra-fluffy-duffy-one?...

This has to be the coolest rabbit phone case you have ever seen, and the person you are buying for will love this as much as we do. It features two ears, felted with faux fur to make your phone turn into a fluffy friend!

rabbit phone case

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PS: It's animal friendly. We are strictly against the use of any animal fur in consumer products. We stand up for rabbits.


🐇Does the person your thinking of have a love for jewelry?

Does the person your think of have an eye for the finest jewelry?

Finally, if you’re person in mind wouldn’t like any of these items, perhaps they adore rabbit jewelry and clothes. Check our other blog post where we talk you through rabbit fashion and what to wear if you love rabbits! Or perhaps they prefer ceramics and rabbit ornaments? Check our post where we run down the best rabbit ceramics!


🐇Rabbit China Plates.

Carefully produced in finest quality bone china, then carefully hand painted by master craftsmen.

Allegro is one of the finest producers of china; it really shows in their careful details and the overall finish of this quality plate.

Bone china is more fragile than regular china or porcelain so bare that in mind when handling.

This beautiful set of plates should look at home on your dinner table.

🐇Rabbit Aztec Bunny T-shirts.

Beautifully designed by one of our favorite rabbit clothing brands.

These are amazing, we love them and that is why we stock them for our wonderful customers.

Rabbit inspired clothing; show your appreciation of rabbits with these awesome T-shirts!


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🐇Rabbit Ear Design, Beautiful Wall decorations.

These unique rabbit shaped wall decorations are ideal for any bedroom, cloakroom, wardrobe, kitchen or bathroom.

Wouldn't you love to present these throughout your home to show your love of rabbits.

Each decoration is hand cut and finished to provide a quality product. High quality wood is used and then fashioned into these beautiful shapes, after which they are mounted on to a piece of square wood to allow you to easily fit them into your house.

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If the rabbit canvas doesn’t cut it, how about rabbit cushions? Our stunning cushion covers are adorned with artistic images of three rabbits. Daisy, Hector and Florence. Rabbit art looks amazing on pillows and cushions, this print is stunning and truly looks at home in any rabbit lovers house.

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🐇Rabbit nail clippers.


These nail clippers are our only recommendation for nail clipping. We all know that its incredibly important for us to keep our bunnies nails cut down. However we must ensure that in doing so we cause as little harm as possible to the rabbit. It needs to be done around once a month depending on your rabbits habitat.


       - Long-lasting and durable spring action mechanism.
       - Easy, safe and convenient to cut with.
       - Sharp Stainless Steel blades.
       - Prevents user from cutting the nail deeply.
    - Comfortable handle.

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      🐇Rabbit hay feeder.

      Here is a great hay feeder you can use in combination with the large litter trays.

      🐇House rabbit litter trays.

      This larger house rabbit litter tray allows your rabbit to easily access their restroom. Pair it up with the hay feeder and they should be one happy bunny!

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      All these products are specially selected for their suitability with house rabbit training.
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