How do you make your rabbit love you?

How do you make your rabbit love you bunny guide care
Your rabbit is a very emotional little creature, who feels deeply in different ways. They are an intelligent animal capable of bonding with other animals, including humans.


So if you are looking for some rabbit advice, and are asking yourself, how do you make your rabbit love you? Then you have came to the right place.
Here are our top tricks to help your rabbit bond and fall in love with you...
how do you make your rabbit love you? 
For rabbits that are kept indoors or ones that used to roam but have since been moved into an area with no outside access, we recommended that they are given lots of play time within their own habitat.
Humans are able to go outside everyday and are stimulated by lots of different sensations – sound, sights and smells, but it’s a different story for a house rabbit who only has a small area to roam.
House rabbits do lead very endearing and fulfilling indoor lives, and as long as you give them entertainment and enrichment they will love you as much as you love them!


Help your rabbit with grooming. 


Bunnies are naturally good at grooming and clearing any dead fur that they have left in the spring and fall. As there coat changes from thick to thin and vice versa it is always a good idea to help your rabbit remove dying or matted hair. The reason for this is because if they ingest the fur that they have groomed from themselves it can cause internal damage and hairballs. 
When keeping a rabbit indoors, owners commonly do not provide activities to keep your bunny active and that in turn can lead to your bunny sleeping for a lot of the day through boredom as well as some rabbits becoming obese. It’s important to remember that rabbits are animals and way of a wild rabbit is to forage, play, eat and sleep.
Understanding your house rabbit, its wild natural behavior, will help you understand what needs to be provided in your home and it should enable you bunny rabbit to have the happiest and most fulfilling time it can, especially if it’s kept as a house rabbit. If your rabbit is happy, they will bond with you faster. Your bunny friendship will blossom and you will no longer be asking "How do you make your rabbit love you?"
Rabbit bite, scratch and play post.
Rabbits tend to keep their claws and teeth in good condition by gnawing and scratching at roots and other vegetation in the wild. As well as making sure they keep their claws trimmed down, rabbits scratch and gnaw to keep their muscles in their jaws and legs healthy, they also rub their chins on various objects to leave a scent. So this is a natural thing you should provide for your rabbit if you want them to be happy. This Rabbit bite, scratch and play post will allow them to scratch and play fully and have fun in a creative and exciting way.
Rabbit behaviour:
A house rabbit loves to explore and even look outside your windows as they are territorial animals and they love to keep a watch out for unusual things happening. This is a natural instinct for your bunny, it is common for wild rabbits to live in large groups and take turns watching each others backs.
Does your rabbit seem to just sleep or stay in their cage all the time while your at home? You make think your rabbit doesn't need as much play time as a dog or a cat. However you may be surprised to learn that they need as much time exercising and playing as they do eating and sleeping. 
You may be surprised with how much your rabbit will play and binky around you if you become bonded. Start doing regular activities and get to know their personality a bit more. Once you have found the right activities for your rabbit they should be rotated to keep things interesting.
How do you make your bunny love you if you don't have a lot of time to play and bond together? Leave out some fun toys designed for rabbits, cardboard boxes, paper bags and even the cardboard middles from toilet paper rolls.
Great toys designed for rabbits.
Most people purchase the wrong kinds of toys, and they think their rabbit is just not a playful bunny. However if you check out these ideas we are sure you will find something perfect for you and your rabbit to play with together that they will like.
 how do you make your rabbit love you
If you are looking for more great toys specially designed for rabbits check out our "For rabbits" section.
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