Rabbit checklist: What to buy for a new rabbit

Rabbit checklist: What to buy for a new rabbit

This is a list of all the things you need before buying a rabbit. Check this page for information on products to buy when getting a new rabbit. These pieces of equipment and supplies will help you to keep your rabbit healthy and happy.


Food and treats for your rabbit to eat:

Hay - There are two types of hay. Rabbits enjoy high quality meadow hay or dried grass as part of their main diet. Where as you can use cheaper alternatives like wood pellets and lower grade hay for their bedding and nesting material. (make sure it isn't dusty as this can cause problems for your rabbits health)

Dry food - Usually referred to as "nuggets" or "pellets" can be used to maintain a good varied diet for your rabbit. Use in combination with hay for the perfect rabbit meal. Be careful using muesli to prevent your rabbit from picking out the least nutritious pieces

What you will need for your rabbit:

Bedding - See our NEW: fleece rabbit bed that is very comfortable for rabbits and will fit easily into most enclosures.

Things to buy for rabbits kept outside:

Rabbit playpen - Can be used outside to provide a secure enclosure or exercise run. However build with roofing pieces or please place cover over the run to provide shade and protection from predators. Please supervise your rabbits at all times.

Hutch - The minimum recommended size for rabbit hutches is around 6ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft for one to two rabbits. Rabbits need adequate space to stretch and play. Therefore it is required that you let your bunnies have proper exercise outside to satisfy their exploration needs and to get fresh air.

Things to buy for rabbits kept indoors:

Cage or enclosure - Please see our rabbit playpen for our recommended indoor structure it is flexible to suit any owners needs. 32 pieces allow you to create any indoor habitat or close of certain areas of your home with ease.

Litter tray - A good litter tray is needed if toilet training your indoor rabbit. We have the perfect box which can be twinned with our rabbit feeders to provide the most natural experience for your rabbit.

Read more about that here.

Other things to consider:
Water bowl/food bowl
Nail cutter/trimmer
Grooming brush
4 pk wooden rabbit toys
Rabbit play tunnel
Bite, scratch and play post


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