Rabbit Life Hacks!

rabbit life hacks! Here are some awesome life hacks for your rabbit!
Anton bunny rabbit photo from instagram
WRITTEN BY @anton_the_bunny

The summer is getting close and your rabbit needs to stay at a good temperature!


      Is it too hot everywhere and you don’t know what to do? You can take a water bottle with water in or a stone slab and put it in the freezer, when it’s cold enough just put it where your rabbit sleeps. If you have a slab; put it under your rabbit.

      If you don’t want to buy new toys constantly cuz your rabbit destroy them all the time?😂 Just do your own toys with toilet rolls! You can put hay or a treat in the paper roll.

      Do your own treats, don’t buy treats from the store. It is so much better to give them bananas. But not to much! 🍌

      If you do not have any good hiding places for your rabbit then you can take a pallet and put a blanket on it and make sure there is a hole so your rabbit can come out.

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      Written by: Stella Österberg 
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