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Welcome to the full guide on choosing the right rabbit brush for your bunny.   In this blog post we will hopefully answer all your questions about bunny grooming, do I need to brush my rabbit? What kind of fur does a rabbit have? Does my rabbit enjoy being groomed? What is the best rabbit brush? As well as other rabbit brushing techniques and tips to give you some great advice when choosing to groom your rabbit.   Do I really need to groom my rabbit?   The short answer is not really, but it benefits your bunny in many...

How To Trim A Rabbits Nails Like A Vet!

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The inner part of the rabbit's nail that is a different color is called the quick, and this is where the nerves and blood vessels are contained so be very careful not to trim below this mark. If your rabbit doesn't settle for you to cut their nails, this is the only time we recommend you put your bunny into a "shock" position. This is where the rabbit is lifted onto their backs, it puts the rabbit into a trance and keeps them still. If you can avoid doing this and you're rabbit is brave then it is recommended you...