The House Rabbit Guide


Today I'm going to sit down with a coffee, and try to give you guys some ideas for supplies you might need if you are a bunny owner.

We will run through the best toys, water bottles, playpens, bedding, treats, litter trays, DIY ideas and much more in this quick blog post!


What are the best toys for rabbits? 

For our rabbit it is really a matter of mood and perhaps time of day that effects how much he plays.  

He seems to enjoy picking up toys, and throwing them in enjoyment.

A great wooden toy is an awesome way of getting your rabbit to be a bit more playful. You should try these great boredom busters in various different sizes and shapes that are available in our shop!


Bunny toys that go down well with your rabbit are hard to find so we suggest trying some different tactics to see what they like to interact with.

 If you are looking to be a bit frugal here are some great DIY options!

  • Using the hollows from toilet tube holders, you can fill them with hay or treats and this should inspire your rabbit to play.

  • Using paper bags and rolling them into loops, attach them to the roof of their cage they should tear and pull at the paper. 


What type of litter tray should I buy my bunny? 

A larger litter tray situated near a hay feeder is an awesome way of making your rabbit a bit more comfortable!

Rabbits love to eat and poop... At the same time.

Do you often find your rabbit doing their business outside of their toilet area with no regard for your home?


We also have a really great guide on how to house train your rabbit. It explains why litter boxes are a great option and how you can use them effectively with your rabbit starting today!

Are rabbit playpens a good idea for my rabbit? 

Rabbit playpens are a great way of introducing a rabbit into your home, it gives them a large area of free movement. 

The real benefit to these playpens is they can be uses to fence of rabbits from electrical cords. Making it simple to have a designated bunny area!


How do I make my rabbit more comfortable?

Rabbit bedding is a simple and effective way of making your bunny comfortable as they rest. Rabbits spend a lot of time resting so ensure they have a super fluffy bed to flop on with this fleece mattress for rabbits.



To conclude its really all about your bunnies preference, you might have to try some different types of bunny supplies before you find ones that really suits your bun! 

Try to think of things that might be beneficial to your rabbit, have a look around our bunny supply store! Read the Bunny blog on our site for a wealth of other rabbit information!  



We wish you all the best luck!

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  • My bunny likes to dig and he binkys often but he also thumps at me, what can I do to keep him entertained?

    Juliette on

  • I have an angora & she’s always a mess from all the hair. Need SERIOUS HELP, no one knows how to clip her & she needs it bad. Sadly she feels like a bunch of cotton balls glued to her, SO EXTREMELY HARD to cut thru. I can’t always brush her everyday, & poop just clings to that hair so that gets cut off half dozen times a week. Clippers freak her out. Any suggestions Please!

    Donna on

  • What kind of bunny do you have? Is it a long hair? They normally only shed hair in the early summer once a year or if they are exposed to excessive heat. Their new summer hair is shorter and keeps them cool. When they start shedding hair, I literally gently pull it with my hand and have a vacuum cleaner next to me to suction it. Make sure you pull hair from all over especially in their belly. I think that they take the gently pulling of the hair as massage and they actually like it. I then use a lint roller and run all over their bodies (it will take quite a few sheets), until I see no more hair sticking to it. I do this biweekly at the first sign I see of them loosing a lot of hair.

    David Alvarez on

  • Hi,
    I have had a house bunny for about 2 1/2 years. He has free range of my den which is bunny proofed. My question is have you found any ideas to control the bunny hair everywhere? I brush him daily and when he is in his kennel I brush or rub him as best as I can to contain the fly away hairs. I vacuum almost daily. Any other suggestions?

    Sandy White on

  • Thanks for the great 👍 ideas!

    Irene Palm on

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