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Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Rabbit

-Rabbits take a lot of time and attention.

-Bunnies can live for up to 12 years. Be ready for the commitment.

-Be prepared to get your rabbit the right vaccinations and regular check-ups with a vet to keep them in good health.


-Did you know rabbits are one of the most neglected and abandoned domestic pets? 


A bunny is not a low-maintenance pet!

How many rabbits are there in the United States?

A study done in 2014 reports that there were 6.1 million pet rabbits in the U.S.A.  The APPA also found in their 2014 survey that 25% of all pet rabbits were adopted and 14% were purchased from pet stores.


Between 2011-12 and 2013-14, the amount of rabbits purchased from pet stores declined by a massive 42%!


This is just the start of this wonderful grass roots campaign by the whole rabbit community:


  • Some responsible pet shops have stopped the sale of rabbits over Easter in an effort to stem this huge problem.

  • Retailers within the rabbit community are helping spread awareness through their social media pages and blog posts.

  • Rabbit rescue charities are driving the core of this message to the general public. Constantly working to improve the livelihood of rabbits as a whole! They do amazing work and we must provide our time and effort to help them achieve their awesome goals!

We are already seeing wonderful results!...


You might not be aware of this but many of the rabbit purchased for children at Easter are unfortunately abandoned. This could be prevented with a little education around this subject. We are helping inform new rabbit owners; we always encourage people who are struggling look after their new rabbit to reach out to the numerous adoption centres found nationwide. These rescues do amazing work as they take unwanted and unloved rabbits. They provide a safe and loving home where the rabbits can flourish, living fulfilling and enjoyable lives until they find their forever home! These are just some of the things you need to know before buying a rabbit.

  Why do rabbit get abandoned?"

Every case is different but the underlying reason stays mostly the same. From our research and experience, people do not understand the dedication, commitment and consistency it takes to provide your rabbit with the life they deserve. Many new rabbit owners do not understand the depths of a rabbits personality and all of the small things that help to keep your rabbit happy. A rabbit is seen as a cute fluffy bunny! Which they are, however, rabbits can be territorial especially if the rabbit has not been neutered, and try to nip or lunge at anyone who goes near their claimed area, which then the owners believe the rabbit to be aggressive and be not wanted abandoned

Consider this before buying a rabbit.


You might initially look at your pet rabbit, and think... "This is just a small, fluffy cute bunny." Which is true! But on a deeper level we need to understand the personality of a pet rabbit. Your rabbit can become territorial, aggressive and scared if not treated correctly. Before a rabbit is neutered these problems are more common. Your child may handle the new, un-neutered rabbit.


This will lead to a situation where the rabbit activates its "Fight or Flight" complex. Either the bunny will be so scared that it will try to escape quickly, causing deep scratches to your child often leading to damage to the rabbit as well.


Another thing that can happen is the rabbit will become aggressive and you will get a nasty nip or bite. This is bound to cause your child to dislike their new companion and should be avoided by responsible parents! General awareness of your rabbits health and wellbeing is essential. Just as your family dog, your rabbit needs the time, support and love to live a happy life!


  All of these points are not always considered. At Easter the impulse to buy a "Cute fluffy bunny" for your child is unbearable. Many people do not think of the consequences. Domestic rabbits can live over 10 years if kept in good health by their owner. This is not a light hearted decision, it is a decade long commitment that you should consider extremely carefully before buying a rabbit.  

Rabbits are such a wonderful addition to any household. They are certainly the best companion for me, and I urge anyone to consider owning a rabbit because they are so fulfilling! However please consider the points made in this post before doing so!


"Please consider helping an older rescue rabbit that needs a loving home!"





  • About 10 years ago I ended up with 4 bunnies. Someone had released them near the park and my work was right next to the park. They ended up running around a service garage. The guys caught them and stopped into my office to ask if I could take them. LOL, I did.

  • A year and a half ago, while walking my dogs, found a beautiful fluffy rabbit hanging out in someone’s yard. Brought it hHeome and checked around the neighborhood for the owner. No one would claim him. So now he is mine. He is such a cute addition to my home. They do require a lot of care but so worth it!

    donna ferris
  • Thanks you for that story. Gives me hope.

  • I couldn’t agree more. I live I. The uk and went to a pet shop to buy fish food. There in a very large indoor cage was a white fluffy lion head. He was there for re-homing because he was vicious. I fell in love. Having all my girls left home and in my fifties, I decided he would be a great addition for my family; after all it’s JUST a rabbit, it can’t be that difficult to care for. I took him home already deciding he was going to live in the house, introduced him to my dog who looked at me as though I had gone mad and settled him in. Then I started to google ‘caring for a rabbit’. OMG what a shock I had, they had a very strict diet, needed vaccinations; you name it and he needed it. Anyway 4 months on. He’s had all of his vaccinations, is best friends with my dog, has a safe 90’ garden to run around in and lives to lay on the sofa watching tv. He’s never been aggressive and is the most lovely boy ever. BUT DO YOUR RESEARCH.

    Maria Carrick

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