Why do rabbits hate humans?

Hello bunny lovers, today I'm sat with my rabbit, trying to write an informative post about bunnies that you would all enjoy.


I often get people asking me about my rabbits and their behaviour. The most common question that arises is usually along the lines of "Do rabbits hate humans?", "Is a rabbit a good pet?" and "Are pet rabbits similar to dogs and cats?"

 Well you might have heard that our bunny friends are not so fond of us foolish humans.

While it is true that rabbits don't connect on the same level with humans as your family dog. They do have some seriously endearing features to their personalities. As I'm sure any rabbit owner will testify!

 Dogs look up to you, cats look down on you. Rabbits treat you as an equal!


 This quote couldn't be more true. Our rabbit loves to socialize, greet us and sometimes even share a meal with us.

 You really get to learn your bunnies personality if they are kept indoors. They will learn your routine and you will notice them follow you around your home.

 Often you will find your rabbit listening out for the noise of your fridge opening, at which point they will come running very quickly to grab some fresh greens and veggies!

 Provide comfort for your rabbit to help them feel safe.

A rabbit in the wild will create a soft bed from straw and hair, creating a warm and cosy bed for them to sleep on.

 To replicate this it is advised to provide your rabbit with some comfortable bedding. Hay and straw work well, sawdust can work great too. However please check your rabbit doesn't have any allergies towards the bedding you provide for them!

 However if you really want to treat your rabbit, grab one of our super value fleece bed mats! They fit into most cages and are a perfect way to provide a little extra comfort for your little friend!


Easy-clean Fleece Bed mat for Rabbits.

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Rabbits do not hate people, and they will bond with you over time. Though it is a matter of persistence, you must be willing to always be trying to provide the best environment for your house rabbit that is enriching and fulfilling.




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  • My rabbit connects with me fine Jaskin comes up to me and wants up he likes to play and he lets me know by grunting at me for some weird reason or running around my legs and if I am laying in that an area he can get me like on the couch in the middle of the night he will jump up on my couch to sleep with me we do not keep him in a cage he runs around the house like the dogs and he is litter trained he is very well behaved and has no problem going up to anyone to get pets

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