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🐇Rabbit gift idea guide - How to choose a gift for a bunny lover!

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Are you looking for something as an ideal gift for a rabbit lover? Read our quick guide on how to select the perfect gift, or even use it as a guide to buy something for yourself! 🐇Rabbit art. (Click here or on the image to view this product) We know you love rabbits, but does your loved one obsess over art? Art really drives us to think, and when we think, we think of rabbits. If this sounds like the person you are buying for this should help you. We stock only the best rabbit art pieces, they are chosen...

Introducing Carrot Crate!

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Carrot Crate! Check out the subscription monthly box service everyones talking about! We love this company, they provide rabbits all over the world monthly treats straight to their mailbox. If you want a service like this, that is reliable and quality. We reccomend:    https://www.carrotcrate.co.uk/ Based in the UK but ships worldwide!

Eat your greens!

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  Eat Your Greens!  Rabbits need a balanced diet like we do! A rabbit's diet should be made up of 5% good quality pellets, 85% fresh hay (timothy or other grass hays), 10% fresh vegetables, aswell as a constant supply of fresh water. Below is a list of foods safe and unsafe for Rabbits. SAFE FOR RABBITS... Supermarket Foods: Basil Broccoli Beetroot greens Cabbage (dark green varieties) Carrot tops and roots as a treat Cauliflower including the leaves Celeriac Celery Coriander Curly kale Courgette Dill Fennel Mint Marrow Parsley Pepper Pumpkin Radish greens and roots Rocket Salad greens/lettuce (not many...

About Harold!

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We found Harold whilst we were on our adventures in our campervan travelling around Europe. We remember the day as clear as anything, even now 2 years later... We were in Benalmádena, Spain, going to find the butterfly park “Mariposario de Benalmádena” & Buddhist temple that is there that we had heard about. Climbing up a bit of hill, as the temple was right at the very top, when all of a sudden, a cute fluffy white bunny ran out infront of our van!! We couldn’t believe our eyes! We stopped and miraculously managed to catch him and took him...