House rabbit litter training box

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House rabbit training litter box

Usually we recommend buying boxes designed for rabbits but these tend to be too small for rabbits to comfortably use that is why we selected is this larger box do rabbits to easily access. It should fit into their cage easily, putting the tray or box into the corner of their cage or play area is a smart strategy.

Removable design for more convenient separation and cleaning
 Large capacity design for your bunny to move freely.
Features: high strength, durable, anti-aging.
Size: 14.96 * 11.42 * 4.72in

House rabbit training guide

At first it might seem as though your house rabbit training is failing, your bunny has no regard for where they do their business but this will change over time if you follow these simple steps. When your bunny misses the tray or box, you can simply use a paper towel to soak up wee and pick up their poops and place them back into the litter tray. Spray down the place where they went outside of their litter box with a water and vinegar solution. This masks their scent and they should prefer to go to the toilet in their litter box after some time if you are persistent.
Another strategy that works well is to put their hay next to the litter tray so they are accessible to your rabbit. Rabbits have a tendency to enjoy eating while they are on the toilet. Yes really. Try it, it might work for you and your rabbit will kick their naughty habits.
This larger house rabbit litter tray allows your rabbit to easily access their restroom. Pair it up with the hay feeder and they should be one happy bunny!


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