Rabbit Play Tunnel, Fold-able tube for training and exercise.

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 Rabbit Play Tunnel

These simple but effective rabbit tunnels that everyone is talking about, teach your rabbit to play and exercise with these awesome play tunnels. Ideal for house rabbits, bunny training, and much much more. Each entrance has a hanging ball for your rabbit to play with, the small tunnels simulate warrens in the wild and we all know how much rabbits love scuttling through tunnels. That is why these rabbit tunnels are so underrated for bunny training and exercise and we highly recommend them to any bunny owner!

This pet rabbit tunnel can give your bunny the best chance to play and exercise, keep them healthy and active. Buy this today to help them play in their environment in a new and interesting way.

Type:: Pet Rabbit Tunnel

Materials::polyester cloth, short plushd, nylon

Many colors to choose from:: pick from the drop down menu

Available in 4 styles::Two/Four-way type, Y type, T type

Folded diameter:: about 28cm / 11.02in

Caliber diameter::about 25cm / 9.84in

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