Rabbit Grooming Love Glove

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Rabbit Grooming Love Glove


These wonderful grooming gloves are perfect for grooming your bunny. Give them a massage and remove any hair at the same time. Delicately stroke your rabbit with the glove and watch as they relax and enjoy a pamper.

Specially designed with small spots on the glove to drag out dead hairs and leave your bunnies coat feeling fresh and shiny!

Choose from the full glove design or the finger-less design for smaller hands.

Material:High quality silicone

Size:24*17 cm

Grooming your rabbit will help them to get rid of this dead hair and will stimulate healthy hair growth. Therefore we recommend getting into a routine of grooming your rabbit with a brush that they enjoy. Not only will it be good for their coat but your bunny is bound to look at you in a more loving way as time spent grooming is also time spent bonding.

Use this hair removing brush to gently groom your rabbit and get rid of any dead hair that is ready to fall out. 

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