Rabbit Hair Grooming Brush

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This wonderful brush features a super comb design that really removes all of those dead hairs that are being malted by your bun!


You will be surprised how much dead hair is removed, this is all hair that your rabbit may have ingested and could have potentially caused problems!


Take a lot of precaution when brushing as your rabbit is very delicate. Do not over groom your bunny, and if your rabbit seems distressed or unhappy at any point do not continue grooming.


Brushing is important because it removes dead hair from your bunny, and stops the risk of matting. If your rabbit over grooms its coat then you start to see problems such as hair balls as the rabbit eats and digests the hair it can have detrimental effects on your bunnies health.


Grooming your rabbit will help them to get rid of this dead hair and will stimulate healthy hair growth. Therefore we recommend getting into a routine of grooming your rabbit with a brush that they enjoy. Not only will it be good for their coat but your bunny is bound to look at you in a more loving way as time spent grooming is also time spent bonding.

Use this hair removing brush to gently groom your rabbit and get rid of any dead hair that is ready to fall out. 

Brush features 


- Available in three sizes and two colors.

- Super ergonomic durable handle.

- Easy to hold and use.

- Specially designed for rabbit grooming.


Help your rabbit with grooming. 
Bunnies are naturally good at grooming and clearing any dead fur that they have left in the spring and fall. As there coat changes from thick to thin and vice versa it is always a good idea to help your rabbit remove dying or matted hair. The reason for this is because if they ingest the fur that they have groomed from themselves it can cause internal damage and hairballs. 

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