Artistic rabbit family sculptures.

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Rabbit family set, this joyful collection of carefully created sculptures would look ideal in any yard, deck or lawn.

Collect all the sets!

Handmade with resin to give a bespoke artistic finish.

Please select your desired set from the options:

Set A - Sherry, Charles, Danny, Zoe and ofcourse Nick.

Set B - Terry, Allen, Nancy, Hallie and everyones favourite Annie.

Set C - Cheeky Dina & Michael.

Set D - The adorable Mr & Mrs Egg. Alongside Cody and Ali.

Or give them names yourself, perhaps after your loved ones and cherish them as much as we do.

In some cases there are tiny surface cracks on the sculptures, this is due to the handmade forming and sculpting of the resin. Do not buy this product if you are looking for something clean cut. The charm of this product is its tiny details and they would not be possible without master craft and skill.

Please allow 7-21 days for shipping.


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