Rabbit nail clipper - Clean and safe cutter

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These nail clippers are our only reccomendation for nail clipping. We all know that its incredibly imporant for us to keep our bunnies nails cut down. However we must ensure that in doing so we cause as little harm as possible to the rabbit. It needs to be done around once a month depending on your rabbits habbitat.

  • Long-lasting and durable spring action mechanism
  • Easy, safe and convenient to cut with
  • Sharp Stainless Steel blades
  • Prevents user from cutting the nail too deeply
  • Comfortable handle
If your rabbit doesn't settle for you to cut their nails, this is the only time we reccomend you put your bunny into a "shock" position. This is where the rabbit is lifted onto their backs, it puts the rabbit into a trance and keeps them still. If you can avoid doing this and you're rabbit is brave then it is reccomended you do it in the most convient and least unsettling way for the rabbit.
Please, please, please do not do this regularly! It should only be done to rabbits having their nails cut or in other scenarios when your rabbits best interests are at heart. We see so many pictures of rabbits on their backs, looking "cute". This is far from the case and these rabbits are actually in a severe state of shock!
The inner part of the nail you can see that is a different color is called the quick, and this is where the nerves and blood vessels are contained so be very careful not to trim below this mark.



With these clippers you can be sure to make a clean and sharp cut, this allows the nail to be cut straight and with the least ammount of pain to your rabbit. Do not use cheap, low quality clippers to cut your rabbits nails. This is the largest mistake we see people making and can be avoided by just paying a one off cost for some great quality clippers that will last.
If you followed all of this advice and still cut the nail to short, use some flour or stypic powder to stem the bleeding. Your rabbit will heal but it will take some time, keep checking on them after application to make sure they are in good health.


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